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Built on Segway's Loomo Robot

MICO: Medicine Information Connection Officer

MIT Hacking Medicine

UX Designer

May 2017


My team and I participated in the MIT Hacking Medicine event in the SMART Robotics and Intelligent Technologies track. Using Segway's Loomo robot as our platform, we designed and developed a system called MICO. MICO is designed to answer non-medical inpatient questions quickly and easily. This helps reduce patient stress levels, gives them a stonger feeling of control, and allows busy clinicians to focus more time on delivering high quality care. 


When patients are admitted to the hospital, they are sick and they don't know what is wrong. Though medical questions can't be anwered immediately, patients also want answers to basic questions such as when meals are served and when their family can visit. Clinicians have high caseloads and don't always have time to answer these questions, making it harder for patients to be calm and focus on getting better.

Clinicians Are Busy & Overworked
Inpatients Are Sick & Scared

Research & Analysis

Patients reported several common problems with their care:  

Lack of Clear
Lack of Orientation to
Room & Hospital
Whiteboards Not Updated
with Care Information

Clinicians reported several common problems with providing care:

Lack of Time


What can we do to help solve these problems?


Give Patients More Information

Save Clinicians Time

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Competitive Analysis


Provide patients with non-medical information to help them adjust to their new environment in the hospital. This information covers meal times and options, visiting hours, how to use the entertainment system or call a nurse for help. Patients benefit because knowing what to expect and how to do things decreases stress and gives them a feeling of greater control. Clinicians benefit because they will spend less time answering non-medical questions and can focus more time providing high quality care.

Business Model

Target Market: Hospitals

Pilot Plan

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